Making a Bot

Making a bot isn't that hard, because I already did most of the work for you XD.

First of ALL

Install Ruby and the Dev pack from

Ruby 32 bit -

Ruby 64 bit -

Dev 32 bit -

Dev 64 bit -

Installing Ruby

Install ruby and remember to TICK THE CHECKBOXES.

Installing Dev

1. Download devkit

2. Run it to extract it somewhere (permanent).

3. Then open CMD in admin mode,

4. cd to it (Example: If your 'Dev' folder is in C:\Ruby22-x64 then the cd command will be [cd C:\Ruby22-x64\Dev] remove the brackets when adding it to CMD),

5. Type in [ruby dk.rb init] and then [ruby dk.rb install] to bind it to ruby installations in your path. Remember to NOT ADD the brackets.

6. Then restart CMD after the installation is done.

7. Type in the folling ORDERLY

[gem install iso8601]

[gem install httparty]

[gem install mediawiki-gateway]

[gem install unicode]

[gem install activesupport]


Finishing the Install, starting the Bot

After each on is installed, remember that it takes time, then download the bot from the download link

Making the Bot

I already did the hard part for you guys XD, all you need to do is type in the username, password and your Wikia prefix name in the config.yml file in the chat folder, REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE BRACKETS AND START FROM THE VERY PLACE OF WHERE THE BRACKET USED TO BE THERE.

Run the .bat


Upcoming features

1. Custom commands

2. External Modifications